It's Autumn

Today marks the official first day of Autumn and I think all of us are sad to see the summer come to a close. Days are getting shorter, the air has a definite chill, and I am starting to see the first leaves on my front lawn. This morning I said to my girls, "only 3 more seasons until it's summer again!"


Here at Camprageous Gifts we use this time to reflect on the past camp season. What did our customers love? What did they not pay too much attention to? What will be hot next camp season? Were our customers happy and satisfied with the level of communication and contact on each order? Did the kids love wearing, using, sleeping with their awesome personalized Camprageous gear?


We would love to hear from you. Please send an email to with any feedback you want to share. Become part of the process because together we can make even better.


XO Jaimie


PS- stay tuned for some really cool things here at in the next few months. You'll be hearing from us!

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