As "camp shopping season" picks up, you must have noticed a big up-swing in promotional materials bombarding your Inbox, Facebook page and Instagram feed.  Retailers and vendors are constantly reminding you what you absolutely "have to" buy your kids to take to camp.  Trade shows have been walked, "insiders" have been consulted, and your advice has been taken.  The ramp-up to camp is fun and I have been waiting months to show off all of the great items we picked out for you over the past year.

So why choose Camprageous Gifts when so much of the same stuff is everywhere you look?  What makes shopping from Camprageous Gifts different from other stores and websites?

1) I am a major "camp nerd" - I'm sorry, but I am. Those 7 weeks away are the best! They transform your kids and they will take those experiences with them forever. The fact that I get to talk about camp all year is a dream come true.  Hearing about what YOU love and what YOU are thinking about your kids being there truly makes me so happy. That feeling translates into your shopping experience and my customers always leave happy. I care about what you are buying- I'm not just selling you something.

2) Private shopping - Whether you are coming to shop by appointment, shopping at a friend's party, or shopping from your computer, you are interacting with me, the owner of Camprageous Gifts.  Shop with your kids after school or over the weekend. Come alone or with a friend. Your time is important. Make it work for you.

3) Customer Service - Some people know exactly what they want, are happy to click away on their computers and make decisions with ease - you all know who you are.  So many people just can't do that.  If you fall into the 2nd category, I am just an email, phone call or text away with help (what has been popular, what will your child actually need, what will everyone else have that you will hear about in your first phone call, etc).  I am here to help you figure it all out and take some of the stress away. It's all so overwhelming!


And while our kids get to go to camp for the summer and love every minute of those 7 weeks, we get to do all the shopping. It should be fun! Come to the parties. Email me for a shopping appointment. Shop from the happiness of your own home or office. Whatever works for you, works for me!  And if you find something cool that you don't see on here, let me know. We are always looking for new merchandise!





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