How We Started

Hello, and welcome to Camprageous Gifts! 

Camprageous Gifts was born out of my life-long obsession with sleep away camp, which started in 1986 at Camp Chen-A-Wanda in Northeast Pennsylvania. My camp experience was very similar to many other people’s – filled with best friends and wonderful memories. 

Fast-forward to 2013 and I started planning for my oldest daughter’s first summer at sleep-away camp (Chen-A-Wanda, of course). Filled with excitement and anticipation of sending my daughter to where I spent 9 summers, I set out searching for the most fun, cute, sometimes useful but always awesome things to send her up with. 

Everything I found was better than the next, and I found myself wanting everything. It instantly became clear to me that anyone who sends their kids to camp, especially those who have been to camp themselves, wants to send our kids up with awesome camp stuff. And so I created Camprageous Gifts to reach all of you with as many of these items as possible.

Camp isn’t just about the “stuff”. It is about being free, learning independence, having the most fun, and finding your true spirit. Sending your kids is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. What you find at will only enrich that experience.