• Notes from the Camp Bunk
  • Notes from the Camp Bunk

Notes from the Camp Bunk

This young author, Eden Martin, a middle school student and camper, has written a reassuring guide for kids 7-14 who will be attending sleepaway camp for the first time. She offers the unique perspective of a young camper who has been to camp herself for several summers. Topics covered include: what is so great about camp, a day in the life of a camper, sleeping and eating at camp, coping with homesickness and what to pack.

From Michael Thompson, PhD, author of Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow — “Children don’t always feel reassured by adults, especially when they are taking a big risk in life, like going to camp. A camper herself, Eden Martin has written a terrific little book for first-time campers. Eden addresses all of the problems that first-time campers think about and worry about, and she does it in clear, direct language that goes straight to the heart of the issue. I love when she writes: ‘One of the truly best things about camp is that you get to be yourself, no matter what.’ So true.”

From Dr. Lizabeth Fogel, incoming American Camp Association board chair — “In Eden Martin’s debut book, her enthusiasm and knowledge shines through in many wonderful ways. Writing for her peers, she found a variety of ways to keep the content fun, easy to understand and informative. The book will instantly transport one into the world of sleepaway camp and answers so many important questions: what to pack, activities to explore, how to tackle homesickness and many more. It is fantastic that Eden has used her personal experiences to write this book to help other kids who are going to camp.”

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