"Theme" Lock Box

Choose 5 different "themes" for this box. For example, one side basketball, one side Skiing, one side Yankees, solid color, one side Gaming, one side Camp, etc.  All 5 sides will have possibly have more than 1 image or logo on each side.   Dimensions: 7.75" x 10" x 7.25".  

This sturdy lock box will hold items that you want to keep safe - jewelry, a special stuffed animal, camera, iPod, etc.  Great for at camp or at home. Each box comes with it's own built-in combination lock so there are no big chunky locks to keep track of or keys to lose.

NOTE: These lock boxes are not a toy and the combination locks should be set by an adult. All lock boxes are checked personally before they are handed off to our customers and work properly.

  • $84.00